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Top 5 Alternative Tips for the Proactive Jobseeker..

Top 5 Alternative Tips for the Proactive Jobseeker…

The problem with job-seeking is that  aside from doing many of the obvious things, after you have covered all the usual job-seeking techniques, you are left with the repetition, of doing many of the same things, over and over again to try and find employment. With this in mind, check out five alternative tips for the Proactive Jobseeker, that up until this point, you may never have considered…


1. Informational Interview

Okay, I have to admit, this might be a rather tough place to start for some, and until recently I did not even realise this type of interview existed. An informational interview is an interview organised by the job-seeker themselves with a company, rather than the other way around. It is used to gain career information from that particular company, that could be either specific to that company or the industry sector as a whole. Appreciating that many businesses, have no intention of recruiting at present, pick your ‘interview’ wisely. It may be better to contact a company that do have a recruitment drive on, or who you have seen advertising for jobs, as they will probably be much more willing to chat with you. This proactive approach may be looked upon very favourably, as even if the HR person you speak to, has no current specific job opportunities, this technique may mean that you are remembered for the next suitable job that comes up. Also, if you are looking for generalist career advice about a certain job sector, what could be better than going to your next ‘proper’ interview, with specific inside information and knowledge about the industry you are looking to break into. However, it can take a brave person to phone HR departments looking to arrange such an interview, and be prepared that not all HR departments will be so enthusiastic, about this proactive approach!

2. Volunteer for ‘unemployment’ schemes

Depending on where you live in the world, the ‘unemployed’ may be treated with differing levels of respect. However, if you are currently unemployed and having to ‘sign-on’ every few weeks, see what alternative options / courses / training days you could possibly go on. You may be surprised, that by asking the question, you are offered a number of different options that may help your job-seeking success going forward. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” comes to mind. Also, ask the job-centre, or unemployment agency, if there are specific courses or qualifications that have better qualification to job success ratios! To put it bluntly, there is little immediate advantage in going on an IT course to use MS word, if this is a qualification that 95% of the job seeking public have.


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