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5 places to go if you become unemployed

We previously highlighted some of our top UK Recruitment Websites and of course visiting a Recruitment Website if you become unemployed and looking for work is one definite avenue to explore. But where else can you go, turn or look if you suddenly find yourself unemployed and are looking for a job? Here we highlight 5 places to go if you become unemployed and do also comment below if you’ve got any other suggestions that might help too.

Job Centre

Apart from having to do the basics of ‘signing-on’ and having to start the process of searching and applying for jobs, it is also true to suggest that there are ‘advisors’ available that should / are Job centre 1supposed to help you with your career / next steps / the difficult decisions you may now have to make. Also they advertise jobs (yes, it is true!) and should hopefully be able to help you even apply for them as well. Here’s our previous post on getting the most out of the Job Centre.

A Competitor

If you have skills and experience working in a specific industry and those skills and experiences are sought after, then the reality is that even if your current or former employer is ‘letting you go’, their business competitor might jump at the chance of utilising you and your skills / experience. Of course this direct approach can be quite scary and might often lead to many dead ends, but if you are as ‘employable’ as you think, then this direct approach can be very rewarding.

Recruitment Agency

Ignore the negative connotations sometimes attached and directed at recruitment agencies, the reality is that most recruitment agencies do a fine job in helping jobseekers find both temporary, contract and permanent jobs. The good news (at least for some of you) is that if you find yourself in a Recruitment Agency which recruits for jobs in the sectors you have experience and skills in, recruitmentthey will be hungry to help you. Recruitment Agencies are paid by employers to find them relevant and skilled employees, so meeting you might be the best, and potentially money making thing they have done all day! Here’s our tips post on getting the most from a Recruitment Agency.

A Recruitment Website

We touched upon it in our recent post ‘Top UK Recruitment Websites for 2015’, but perhaps the most unobtrusive of options for places to go if made unemployed is online. Pretty much every job that is crying out for job applicants will be advertised online these days, and it’s not too tough to search and then apply for jobs that are relevant to both where you live and the type of job you are looking for.

To your Connections

Don’t forget that everyone of your connections, be they friends and family, former colleagues, or even social media contacts via LinkedIn, Twitter etc, can become not just an advocate for your job search and situation, but a potential ‘lead’ for knowing what jobs are potentially available to you. Don’t forget to explore this option and also appreciate that whilst going ‘cap in hand’ to your connections might seem tough, the potential to find and be advised of work opportunities will often widen once you act on this option. Here’s 5 Ways to use Social Media to get a Job.




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