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Top Ways to keep Motivated with your Work / Life…


3. Try not to take it personally

You can’t always get on with everyone you work with; that’s Life! Also, you can’t always control every business decision that may ultimately affect you. I often felt that in previous jobs, I was not really in control
of my decisions, because head office choices, were at the detriment of my own success. However, don’t let outside factors, that you cannot control, affect your motivation (as much as possible). This is a tough one, because, if like me, you feel your ideas, offer better, and long term solutions to the business, it can make you feel demotivated. You can end up taking it personally. However the reality is, that in every business, up and down the land, decisions just have to be made. You might not like those decisions, but suck it up! If you feel like this all the time, and feel that you could do something better yourself; start your own business and then the majority of the decisions, will be yours and yours alone…

4. It’s only a job
When and if your life becomes your job, then take a step back and remember ‘it’s only a job’….Very few of us, when we die, will be remembered for the job that we did, but more so you we will be remembered for the job that we did, of this little thing called ‘life’. ‘Work Life balance’ should not be an option, because a ‘Work Life Balance’ should be the minimum you should already have. Try to enjoy the things you do, and treat your work as a part of your life……not your life itself…

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