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How to become a Jobs Ninja…..

Espionage. Sabotage. Infiltration….Perhaps not words most commonly used to describe the skills required to be successful in your work life…

However, in this current climate you will most definitely need training, strong tactics, and unique weaponry to succeed….Without further ado, let me begin your training to become a Jobs Ninja….


We all have weaknesses. Everyone of us. So train and learn….Multitasking is the key here.

Attempt to learn additional languages. Teach yourself how to code. Learn First Aid. Get better at Microsoft computer packages. Get fit and healthy. Most of these things can be self taught and are generally low cost…


Strong Tactics…

Even Ninjas need a plan and well made tactics. You cannot kick butt, unless you have foreseen the threats that might arise. Making strong plans is the key here….

  • Our post on organising your Job Search might be a good place to start if you need some help in the tactics of finding a new job.
  • Planning what questions you should ask at interview is a good tactic to looking like a stealth potential employer…Check out this handy top tips post here.
  • If you have been made redundant, it can be a low blow to the stomach as much as the wallet. So act like a Ninja from day one and maybe some of these tips will help you to see the way forward…

Unique Weaponry…

What are your Strengths? These can be your weapons!!

Your CV MUST be a strength. Check out this helpful post to make sure you do at least the basic right.

Your strength may be the passion you have for a particular interest or hobby. Check out Andrew Denham’s interview here – He set up The Bicycle Academy because he had a passion for bikes and biking.

Your strength may be elsewhere you are not destined for a 9-5...The Alternatives to the 9-5 might help you on  your way.

Our Strength – may be to become as ‘one’.  One Ninja is strong, but a whole load of job Ninjas is an army. If you think the World has not heard your story yet – check out TheEmployable Manifesto and see if you agree. If you think TheEmployable is something worth being apart of click here to get involved. 

So to end this light humoured, but well meaning post, why not check out this previous post; Top Inspirational Quotes.

Go Ninjas Go!!! Hail The Employable!!!!


2 Responses to “How to become a Jobs Ninja…..”

  1. Using your knowledge of LinkedIn.com and your personal contacts may enable you communicate direct with people inside an organisation, past the HR samurai, who hack down the unwary intruder, and repel the unwanted speculative application. Also, remember the military principle of “economy of effort” – put the effort in where it will do the most good. Mao Tse Tung put it this way “Attack where the enemy is weak. Retreat where the enemy is strong.”

    Posted by LC Jackson | January 30, 2012, 3:07 pm

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