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How to Quit your Job Professionally…

how to quit your job

how to quit your job

Whether you have a new job to go to, or just fancy taking a break (and you can afford it!) then these are some handy pointers on how to quit your job professionally…

Resignation Letter.

It may seem pretty obvious, but the most professional way to start the process, is to write a resignation letter. You will still have to hand the letter in and explain why you are leaving, but a resignation letter is a formal way to start the ball rolling. Writing a resignation letter, also means you have the chance to professionally write down the reasons why you are leaving, however do remember to keep it professional. Even if you have some negative reasoning behind your departure, choose your words carefully, after all you may need to get a reference from your current employer. Print and sign perhaps up to three resignation letters. One for you to keep as proof, one for your line Manager, and one to give to your personnel department, if you need to inform HR too. If you are wanting to make sure that the correct points of contact are informed, you could also follow up your resignation letter, by emailing a copy through too, so you have a permanent proof that it has been sent!

Offer to work your notice.

As part of your resignation letter, offer to work your notice. Firstly, it sets the scene to your employers, that you want to leave in a respectful manner. Secondly, by offering to work your notice, you may still be paid, to go on gardening leave, as they would rather not have someone working for them for perhaps 2-4 more weeks, with perhaps an awkward atmosphere in the office.

Don’t bad mouth. 

No matter how difficult it may be, try not to bad mouth, during or after your resignation. It might not be easy, and remember it is fine to have a little private moan, however, bad mouthing to your current work colleagues can come across as rather smug, and childish. Letting your guard down, and not remaining professional, only makes you look bad, so try to keep your private thoughts, just that – private.

Ignore Negativity.

The reality is that although you plan to deal with your resignation professionally, others, including your managers and even Personnel department, can make things all a little bit awkward. It is a real shame when this happens, but sadly some companies, take people leaving to go elsewhere, pretty badly. However, try to keep professional and ignore their childish behavior. After all, in a couple of weeks, you will have moved on, and they will still be there, being bitter and unprofessional. Keep your standards high, even when others around you refuse to.

We hope these pointers will help you know how to quit your job professionally, if this is next on the agenda, and if you have any other pointers to add on how to quit your job, please feel free to comment below…

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