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Keep Calm and Employ Me!

keep-calm-and-employ-meOver the past year or so, some jobseekers have resorted to ever more creative ways to find employment. We’ve featured many of them right here – from Philippe Dubost and his Amazon CV through to Adam Pacitti and his billboard.

Well, in the last couple of weeks, another jobseeker has decided to take yet another innovative route in her search for employment.

Luisa Downey graduated from the University of Essex in 2011 and although she managed to find a few jobs here and there none really helped her embark on a career in marketing which is what she is ideally looking to do.

So, in a bid to catch the eye of potential employers, Luisa created a PR campaign – ‘Keep Calm and Employ Me!’ featuring a video which truly marketed her as a candidate. To complement the video, Luisa also started boarding London bound trains from her local station and distributing her CV to commuters.

At the time of writing, the good news is that Luisa’s innovative campaign may have worked – with a Maldon based Recruitment company offering her a job – although there hasn’t been any official confirmation as yet that Luisa has accepted.

Interested in finding out a little more yourself about this creative jobseeker? Check out the video below and be inspired!




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