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Resources for the adult learner

When thinking about the types of resources with which a mature student needs in order to have the most fulfilling Learnlearning experience possible, it’s easy to think solely in terms of cash.

While money is a necessity in order to pay for the course and routine living expenses, the meaning of resources extends beyond the need for funds.

Study support

One resource which many adult learners find themselves lacking in is time. Most mature students have numerous responsibilities to juggle in their lives and, owing to unforeseen work demands or family issues, may find themselves short of the valuable time needed to complete their assignments effectively.

Fortunately, support services such as Ivory Research provide help when time is at a premium without compromising a student’s academic integrity. Such a service is entirely legal and the process acts as a valuable learning aid and reference for the student.


A mature student taking on a course of study needs to think about financial obligations very carefully. Some programmes may last for years so a plan needs to be in place in order to meet the payment needs.

Some valuable fund resources which are available include local and national government grants or loans for study.

There are also numerous philanthropic organisations which provide support to students which fall into particular categories.  An Internet search can be the valuable first step for seeking such support.

Online forums

Often exchanging ideas, experiences and tips with fellow students can lead to ideas to solutions which could not learnonlineotherwise have been accessed.

Whether they are in classroom setting or online, most courses for adult learners set up web forums for student communication.

This type of platform is excellent for adults who can clock in around their busy lives when and as time permits.

Often, colleges have access to free Internet or, if a students learning remotely, they can visit the local library for the same service.

Creative ideas

When an adult leaner has a busy personal and professional life, it’s often hard to come up with creative ideas for coursework such as their dissertation.

This part of coursework is one of the most important so it is essential to get it right.

Ivory Research Dissertation Services can assist in generating ideas for this assignment and even help in its planning or full writing.


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