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How to stay productive in the drudge of a job hunt

That’s it – you’ve hit the funk. You feel like you’ve searched a billion job sites, you’re not certain what positions you’ve even applied for anymore and a mid-afternoon telly session is beginning to look pretty appealing.

However, you’re not in this boat alone, with the BBC News reporting that there are more than 2.5milllion jobseekers clamouring for positions UK-wide. You look at figures like that and it’s difficult not to slump in your chair, flick on a 14-hour long episode of Midsomer Murders and mutter, “Why bother?”

But it’s when you’re at your lowest ebb that you have to drag yourself up by the collar and get as proactive as you can before the funk consumes you. And all your time doesn’t have to directly concern you applying for jobs.

When the rut is looming, it’s time to find fun and interesting ways to bolster your CV and keep your head in the job-hunting game. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Gain a degree on the side

Even with news of ballooning tuition fees and lowering educational standards swarming the news media, the importance of gaining a degree can’t be overstated. And with the rise of internet-based distance learning, there are even more ways to gain a degree while job hunting than ever before.

The benefits of distance learning are almost endless, creating the opportunity to study whenever you find the time, graduate employmentrather than being chained to a lecture and seminar timetable.

More than this, gaining a distance learning degree on your own steam illustrates the kind of determination that will make you stand out from the crowd when you’re applying for a job.

So, take a look at degrees on the internet to make gaining a qualification less of a chore.

Find a hobby and make it count

Your hobbies make you what you are, and if your favourite pastime involves sitting in your pants while watching anhearthobbies entire Breaking Bad box set and eating 16 packets of cheesy Wotsits, then you’re probably not going to impress an employee.

Naturally, it’s no good to do hobbies out of a sense of duty to potential employers. But if you can find a pastime that you enjoy and will help you look proactive or energetic to employers, then all the better.

From a motivational standpoint, finding a hobby to get you out of the house will also give you breathing space away from the job search. So, take a deep breath, think about what you enjoy, get out there and do it!

Boost your confidence

After a while in the job hunt, it can become difficult to even pull yourself out of bed in the morning.

It’s understandable – after a glut of rejection letters, a mountain of application forms to fill up and even more employers who didn’t even take the time to acknowledge your existence, your sense of self-worth will probably take a hit.

So, the final piece of advice is to keep those spirits up. Remind yourself that the job you want could just be one application form away and, with any luck, you’ll dredge yourself out of that rut.


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