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Tech companies you might be proud to work for

In this day and age, just getting into work is something worth celebrating; but once you’re in a new role for a few months and have become fully acclimatised to your new surroundings, you might be able to gauge whether or not you like what you do for a living. At the same time, you might question whether you’re proud to work for your employer.

When pondering the latter question, issues such as the company’s ethical record, its dealings with customers and, aboveComputer_keyboard all else, its level of success come to mind. Tech companies tend to have plenty of employees who show pride in their work and their employees, wearing their roles as a badge of honour. Here are three examples of businesses in this sector you might be proud to work for:


The world’s biggest and most successful social networking site, its employees enjoy being in a relaxed working environment which has been constant ever since the idea was coined by Jesse Eisenberg back in his days as an idealistic student. Pay is pretty good there, while they allow for remote working, plus they have a very good reason for logging on to the site!


As is the case with Facebook, the recruitment-cum-networking site has experienced massive growth in recent years, thanks in no small part to its hugely-talented creative team who get to experiment as they would do with a start-up business. All of their employees get an ‘InDay’, where they can do voluntary work, train themselves or train others to learn new skills.


The California-based cloud storage firm has been recommended by Forbes as one of the best in its market to work for. Egnyte have developed something of a reputation for encouraging its employees to be as ambitious as possible in building their own careers inside and outside the company, something that CEO Vineet Jain has attested to.

When looking for a new job, it’s important to do research into any company to see how existing employees feel about their bosses. If, like Egnyte.com, they have a good reputation, then you may be joining the company that’s right for you.


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