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Top Tips for Choosing a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies may get a lot of bad press at times but they still can play a vital and important role to anyone actively looking for a job. They often tend to be criticised for registering recruitmentcandidates and then those same candidates never hearing from them again. Choosing the right recruitment agency and also the right recruitment consultant is therefore essential. Here are our top tips for choosing a recruitment agency that will work for you.

Choose an Industry Specialist
Many recruitment consultants declare themselves to be experts or specialists in certain market or industry sectors when in reality they are far from that! Do your research first and select an agency that actually does know your industry. For example, they may detail on their website some of the clients that they work with, they may tend to advertise only one type of position or roles in one specific market sector. Also they may even provide bios of their consultants who may actually themselves have come from your preferred industry. These are all indications that they practice what they preach as it were.

Ask around
Rather than simply walking down your local high street and registering with the first agency that you see, why not ask some people first if they have any recommendations. Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting you doing a vox pop in that street with anyone who happens to walk by! Instead why not ask your friends, family or former colleagues and see if they have had any direct experience of one agency or another. Find out the good and the bad! Getting a direct recommendation or insight like this can be invaluable.

Consider a Temping Agency
If you are simply looking for a temp or stop gap position, choose an agency that deals with that type of role. Makes sense doesn’t it! Many candidates however simply register with an agency and just assume that said agency to know the type of work they are looking for. They won’t! They aren’t mind readers after all. Make enquiries to determine which agencies deal with temporary work specifically and if so what type. Some may be more industrial focused whilst others may be more affiliated with short term admin roles. Select the right one for your needs.

Geography matters
Most agencies tend to have geographic remits of the area that they cover especially if they are part of a national chain of agencies. Before registering, make sure that a particular agency deals with roles in the areas where you wish to work. Not only will their roles be likely to be of interest, but they will also most probably have strong relationships with local employers and will be more able to be proactively approach those employers on your behalf.

Trust your gut instinct
Like with most things in life, do trust your gut instinct. When you meet with a consultant or even first visit an office, the impression you get matters. If they appear interested and engaged in you and your career requirements, good! If they don’t seem at all interested, then perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere. Ask the consultant about the types of roles they recruit for, if they can give you any specific advice on your CV, what they can offer you and how they can help. A good consultant should not necessarily promise you the world, however they should be open, honest and appear willing to work on your behalf engaging with employers.

We hope these basic tips help when you are next choosing a Recruitment Agency. Got any other tips that you’d like to share? Why not let us know via the comments section below.



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