With a career background in HR, Recruitment and Sales, we have direct experience of the Employment sector and have built up a sizeable following of individuals, groups and organisations all with a vested interest in all matters pertaining to employment advice and careers. We can link you to the very people your business or service needs.

The Employable Facts and Figures

  • TheEmployable website currently has a PR4 ranking and receives 20,000+ unique visits per month
  • Our audience includes: those actively seeking employment and career information as well as Careers Advisors, Trainers, Employment Coaches, University Career Centre Personnel, Job Centre Advisors, Enterprise Advisors and Coaches
  • Our website is updated daily and has unique fresh content added on employment, career and enterprise subjects.

Why Advertise?

Advertising in TheEmployable will enable you to:

  • Promote your resources to a highly targeted and relevant audience
  • Raise your profile within the Careers and Employment communities
  • Strengthen your own or your organisation’s online presence and drive quality traffic to your website

What are the Advertising Options?

TheEmployable currently offers a range of direct focused advertising opportunities to all those wishing to promote resources in the areas of careers and employment. These include:

  • Registering in our Free Career Directory which will allow you to have a company profile page consisting of your company details, description and logo/image as well as a live url.
  • By sponsoring one of our existing posts, you can have a link to your website or another page of your choosing as well as a short bio / description of your company or services.
  • Purchasing advertising space directly from us for for 1, 2 or 3 month periods. As well as competitive rates, you will benefit from having your service / brand exposed directly to your target customer group.

If you would like further information on our advertising options or to discuss sponsorship or partnership opportunities, please contact us directly at employablemenet@gmail.com .

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