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How to be a more productive freelancer – increase your efficiency with these helpful tips

Be honest. When you first became a freelancer and began working for yourself, did you envisage rolling out of bed at midday, working in your PJs and picking up jobs when you needed them? Or is that the image your friends and family have created? Ask any freelancer and they’ll tell you that working for […]

Why picking a career path can prove difficult

Thankfully, the job market in the UK has been growing for the past few months and the future for the rest of the year looks promising for those looking for a new permanent position – but does that mean choosing a career will become easier? Strangely, when there are more jobs around it is often […]

Utilizing Your Natural Talents into a Decent Side Job

Utilizing Your Natural Talents into a Decent Side Job Looking for a way to utilize your natural talents? Want to turn your passion into a lucrative side income? If your answer’s yes, then check out these ideas to get started…  1. Editor/Proofreader: Do you have an English degree? Like proofreading? Then becoming a freelance editor/proofreader is […]

How to Answer the Top 10 Interview Questions – TheEmployable Interview Tips

Whilst it is of course impossible to accurately predict what questions you are likely to be asked at a job interview, there are some top interview questions which do tend to be commonly asked in most, if not all interviews. Over the last few weeks, we have given some basic tips, advice and guidance on […]

6 things you should know about a career in interior design

Have you ever considered a career in interior design? Our guess is that if you’re reading this article, then you probably have. In case you need any more convincing, if you’re the kind of person who is constantly complimented on your sense of style when it comes to décor, is always full of inspiration for […]

Is Your Public Image Killing Your Job Search?

The game of politics is no stranger to attacks that border on personal. One of the most effective ways for a politician to discredit an opponent is through attacking his personal stances on issues.  A recent development in the New Jersey gubernatorial race has Senator Barbara Buono taking an apparent shot at current governor Chris Christie. […]

When to Go Back for a Degree, and When Not To

When to Go Back for a Degree, and When Not To One of the most common questions among those who are new to the workforce is whether or not they should consider going back to school. Attending grad school can certainly be a great way to take your career to the next level, but to […]

Ways to Gain New Skills in 2014

There are many ways to gain new skills, many think to achieve this by returning to school or by taking on a second job, amongst the ways in which people seek to improve their skill set, another avenue is volunteering. Volunteering can provide an excellent opportunity to gain new skills. The primary skills you can […]

Examining the Different Types of Employment Contracts

There are two things that affect the responsibilities an employer has to an employee. The first factor is employment status of a particular employee. Workers and employees have different rights, and the employers have different responsibilities to them as well. The same can be said for contractors and office holders. The second factor is the […]

The Benefits of Volunteering

We live in an ever more competitive world, and never is this more keenly demonstrated than when it comes to employment.   The days when a solid education and a smattering of ‘real world’ experience were enough to land you in the role of your choice are long gone. As a result, the modern job […]


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