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Recruiting Your First Employee: What You Need To Know

Hiring your very first staff member is an exciting time within your business. It shows that you’re ready to start taking the next steps and a to embark on a new chapter within your company. We feel it’s important to establish some key steps to ensure you are 100% ready to start looking at employment, […]

Changing Careers – Some Things to Consider…

You might just be having a bad day or a bad week or you may think that you’ve made a big mistake with your life choices. Whatever the reason, the thought of changing careers does enter many people’s minds at one point or another. As we all know though, there is a big difference between […]

What is an Apprenticeship?

‘Apprenticeship’ is a word that has become commonplace in the media over the past few years, and especially during the recent general election campaigns.  As the country struggles to come to terms with the end of recession there has been a new-found interest apprenticeships born from a determination to improve job prospects, reduce levels of […]

How to become a Car Mechanic

Apart from Doctors, there aren’t too many other professions where the customer has to put total faith in the decisions that the ‘staff member’ makes. Whilst of course Doctors deal with physical bodies, and mechanics deal with fixing the bodies and insides of the cars that we drive daily, not enough credit is often given […]

How to get Interview Feedback

  So, you’ve been for interview. Then a few days, weeks or even perhaps hours later, you receive the dreaded “we regret to inform you..” email, letter or phone call telling you that you haven’t got the job. Admittedly, it can be pretty disheartening. After all, none of us like the feeling of rejection, do […]

Computer Engineering: Why It’s a Good Time to Get a Job in the Industry

Computer engineers are the builders of the technology sector. From software designs to building computers and computer-based systems, there are endless opportunities for employment. Nearly every industry has a need for a computer engineer, including high-paying industries like the aerospace and auto industries. It’s a great time to take a job in the computer science […]

Tell-tale signs you’re looking for a new job

So, you’re on the hunt for a new job and have started the process of looking. And it’s a common concern, how do you keep this secret from your current employer? Easy you may think, ‘just don’t tell em’! However in reality, whether you think it or not, there are signs that your employer will […]

Over 6,000 Christmas jobs are still available in the UK

A new study from UK job search site Adzuna.co.uk has highlighted that over 6,000 Christmas jobs are still available in the UK, as employers, within job sectors such as retail and hospitality struggle to cope with the festive rush. Stats collated by Adzuna reveal that as of the 3rd December 2013 there are still 875 Catering, […]

How to Start a Small Business in 5 Easy Steps

Starting a small business might sound like a great idea at first. However, when you really begin to explore all the challenges that business owners can face each day, you’ll begin to realise that being an entrepreneur isn’t as easy as it seems. There’s more to launching a business than simply coming up with a […]

5 Ways that Volunteer Work can Enhance your Employability

Many people look at Volunteering as a way for them to help other people and whilst this is of course true, by undertaking voluntary work, you can actually help yourself a lot too – it can improve your overall employability no end. Here are 5 Ways that Volunteer Work can Enhance your Employability. Networking One […]


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