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The Different Routes You Can Take as a Solicitor

Becoming a solicitor can be a rewarding yet challenging career. It takes years of training to become fully qualified, but the rewards are definitely worthwhile. The question is, what type of lawyer do you want to become? There’s a lot of different paths you can take when you’re considering a career in law. Here, you’ll […]

Practical considerations for accepting a dream job

Practical considerations are the last thing you want to be bothered with when accepting your dream job Like most people, you probably have an idealised vision of what you imagine your dream job to be, and whether it’s something related to the field in which you currently work, or something completely different, having this dream, […]

4 reasons why taking your holiday entitlement is important

Last year Richard Branson came out with a bold idea for those employees working for his personal group – they could take as much holiday leave as they liked or thought they could afford to take in order to perform their work duties throughout the year. Admittedly not all employers are as generous, and whilst […]

What’s the Difference Between a Clinical Nurse Leader and a Nurse Manager?

As the health care landscape in America has changed, so has the role of nurses. While the primary function will always be to provide care to patients, nurses have also become a vital part of the health care delivery system. As the providers who often have the most direct interaction with patients and families, nurses […]

Temporary work: why it’s not as bad as it sounds

Despite the general consensus that employment figures are starting to rise again, the green shoots of recovery remain tentative – at least for the moment. Many people have had to turn to temporary work to make ends meet. People who are fresh to the job market straight out of education join those who have lost […]

Skills Required to be a Mechanic

Thinking about becoming a mechanic? This can be a highly rewarding line of work and it is work which is secure because people rely so heavily on automobiles each and every day. Being a mechanic can be a good way to make a living, but you will need a variety of different skills if you […]

How to become an archaeologist

Not to be confused with a paleontologist, who excavates and studies dinosaurs (career guide to follow) an archaeologist is an anthropologist concerned with the study of prehistoric people and their cultures… well thats the bare bones of it at least.  In truth its a very varied and complex role which encompasses a wide range of […]

How to sell yourself at Interview

How to sell yourself at interview… In essence a job search can be compared in many ways to a sales process. A CV or application form is like a window display with the employer on the outside looking in. If they like what they see, they arrange an interview, or enter the store and effectively […]

How to Become a Dietitian

Reckon you know your vitamin C from your omega 3? Do you have a passion for proteins and a flair for fibre?  Looking to turn your nutritional knowledge into a fruitful career? Then becoming a dietitian might just be the right choice for you… here’s our quick guide. What is a dietitian? First off, let’s […]

5 Ways to Improve your Job Networking

Looking for a job is no longer just a matter of checking out the job ads in the local paper – these days it’s a much more complex affair and if you’re serious in your quest to find a job, you’ll be no doubt doing all that you can to reach your goal and get […]


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