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Five Top Online Resources to Help Your Career

Your career is a lifelong work in progress. From the time that you begin working after the completion of your schooling to the time you retire nearly fifty years hence, you’ll make a long string of decisions that will impact upon your standing and status in your job. Sometimes, all you’ll need is a smart […]

How to save time in your job search

Looking for a job can be a pretty time consuming affair and with more and more places out there where you can look for job vacancies, it’s certainly not getting any easier. Like with most things in life, a little prep and planning can go a long way – in a sense it’s all about […]

Working in the environment industry

Everyone who has an interest in doing their bit to help the environment wishes that they could make a bigger impact, but time and money are often constraints that hold them back. One way, however, to be able to make one of the biggest impacts possible is to make the environment your job. The environment […]

How to Handle a Competency Interview

There are very few interviews which don’t include some form of competency style questions. You know the ones – the questions where you are asked to provide examples of how you have reacted to or dealt with various situations in your past. It’s pretty much a given that you’ll be asked a competency question of […]

7 Marketing Strategies for the Modern Insurance Broker

The primary job of an insurance broker is to sell. They must use whatever legal and ethical means are at their disposal to persuade customers into signing above the dotted line. Is today’s broker doing that though? Are they integrating modern tools in their overarching marketing strategy? For example, technology is a critical aspect of […]

How to Prioritise your Goals in Life 

In your life, you are likely going to aspire to achieve numerous things. While there is no reason you cannot achieve everything you ever dreamed of with the correct work ethic, there obviously does need to be a plan in place. The difference between wanting and achieving is often these planning stages. While one size […]

Common Resume Mistakes You Need to Avoid

When you’re ready to hunt for a new job, you may have more experience than all the other candidates combined, but if you don’t create an effective resume, you likely won’t get far in your search. There is an art to writing a CV that stands out for all the right reasons, and you need […]

What’s an Underwriter?

Underwriters play a crucial role in almost every facet of the financial world. An underwriter is someone who assumes the financial responsibilities and risks for another party. Underwriters are present in the banking industry, insurance companies and real estate. The term ‘underwriter’ originated in London. A historic insurance company, Lloyds of London, provided insurance for […]

5 Ways to Fail a Job Interview

5 Ways to Fail a Job Interview If you’ve gone to the trouble of applying for a job and attending interview, it’d be fair to assume that you would do your best when at that interview to ‘clinch the deal’ as it were and prove that you are the best candidate and thereby be offered […]

Job Search Blues, How to Beat Them

Over the course of our time at TheEmployable we have come to a startling (indeed perhaps even groundbreaking) conclusion – being unemployed is depressing. No we are not kidding…our ‘research’ has shown that not having a job and facing rejection, after rejection, after rejection, after rejection, after rejection can actually have a negative impact on […]


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