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How to Plan for Early Retirement

For most of us in the world of work, retirement isn’t something we often think about. And yet, there will come a time when old age renders us no longer capable of performing the same job. On the other hand, we might get to a certain point and decide that we’d rather not work any […]

Top tips for putting structure in your job search

If you’ve been looking for a job for a while or if you’ve only started your job search, one important thing to remember is that you can’t leave it to chance. Yes, we may have all heard stories of people who just randomly get offered jobs or who by chance come across the perfect job […]

5 Ways to make your CV stand out

5 Ways to make your CV stand out Getting a job these days isn’t always easy – in fact it isn’t ever easy! When jobs get advertised, employers and recruiters alike generally get inundated with CVs and applications so it stands to reason then that if you are to give yourself the best opportunity of […]

4 Ways Working Abroad Can Make You More Employable

Given the highly competitive nature of the British job market, it’s no surprise individuals are doing whatever they can to get ahead of the competition. Whether it’s further education, extra training, unpaid internships or volunteer positions, we’ll do it — as long as it means standing out from the crowd and getting closer to that […]

Top Tips for Seeking a Job Abroad

With the jobs market the way it is currently, many people are finding that they are left with no alternative than to cast their net a little further when job-seeking and perhaps consider a move abroad in order to find work. It is not however a decision to take lightly since it would have an […]

Temp Employment…the advantages and disadvantages of temp jobs

Having been in the position of working in temp employment and also working in recruitment as both a Recruitment Consultant and a Business Manager for an employment agency, I am in a good position to judge the advantages and disadvantages of temp employment. Temp employment can be anything from one day through to a few […]

Should I take a Job Where I’m Expected to Travel?

One thing that’s sure to kill the buzz of any occupation is monotony. If you’re doing the same thing in the same surroundings day after day, then frustration and resentment can sometimes result. So it’s probably no surprise that so many of us are tempted by something completely different: something where variety and novelty are […]

A Career Worth Pursuing

Career Choices and Financial Goals Your career choice tends to affect many areas of your life. Keep in mind, many people need added time to become adjusted and comfortable with a job or a new career choice. A new job can be an uncomfortable change for some. Most changes require commitment and added focus. Not […]

Knowledge Is Key: Stand out at an interview without spending a penny

The big interview is coming up—the interview for the job you just know you’d be perfect for: it’s in the field you want, you have the right skill-set, and it seems like a fun company with great benefits. Your CV is in tiptop shape and your suit is freshly dry-cleaned and waiting in the closet […]

5 Important Questions Doctors can ask in an Interview

Let’s say you’ve managed to answer the interview questions well, and you’ve made a notable impression on your interviewer. Now comes the part where you’re asked if you have any questions about your job as a physician and the hospital you’re applying for. What then? Doctors need to take careful consideration when asking these questions. […]


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