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Why are People Leaving Retirement for Later?

If you are over 65 and you have decided to stay longer in the workforce, you certainly aren’t alone. Bloomberg notes that more and more Americans are spending their golden years at the office, with around 19% of people aged 65 or over still working (even it is part-time). This choice isn’t entirely based on necessity, either; […]

The Next Step in your career? A PGCE?….A guest post

After finishing your degree and leaving university you are faced with different options, although they really buckle down to two choices: staying within the education system for longer, or leaving to start your employment career (unless you wish to defer these choices through, for example, travelling). Either course of action requires a lot of thought, […]

Degrees you could need before you launch your Silicon Valley startup

Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley need to be creative, charismatic and hardworking — but even more important than that, entrepreneurs need to be smart. Not only do entrepreneurs need to understand how to develop products not currently available on the market, but they also need to build a business that is stronger than any others that […]

When should a tradesman start looking for insurance?

If you’ve just registered yourself as a sole trader or you run a business operating within a popular trade like construction, joinery, plumbing or painting and decorating, it’s a good idea to look into securing a cost-effective insurance for yourself, employees and third parties. The truth is, the only time to purchase insurance is before […]

Working in the environment industry

Everyone who has an interest in doing their bit to help the environment wishes that they could make a bigger impact, but time and money are often constraints that hold them back. One way, however, to be able to make one of the biggest impacts possible is to make the environment your job. The environment […]

CV Tips for Older Jobseekers

Finding a job can be a daunting prospect for anyone but if you are a more mature jobseeker, it may seem even more so. With lots of initiatives and projects aimed at the young unemployed, it can often seem that the older jobseeker is forgotten about. Not here however! At The Employable we aim to […]

7 ways to make a good first impression in your new Job

You’ve done the job search, had the interview, the second interview, accepted the job offer…and now after all of that pressure, stress and anticipation, the first day of your new job arrives. But after all of that job preparation and performance, it’s not always then so easy to prepare yourself for how you should act […]

How To Become A Top Surgeon

Many people dream of becoming a surgeon, but it is a very difficult profession to get into. There are many years of training required and you need to make sure that you are willing to commit to this. Of course, there are plenty of people who manage to achieve this dream and go on to […]

How to Get a Job! some starter tips…

How to Get a Job! some starter tips… It is easy to sometimes get carried away with searching for a career, that you forget the basics on how to get a job. For some of us, a job is just a job! But in this current climate, finding employment, of any value, can be just […]

Improving your CV – Basic Tips

Been applying for jobs but not getting any interviews? Chances are it’s because your CV is not really doing its job! After all, the purpose of a CV is to sell you to an employer and ensure that they are so impressed that they want to meet you in person. If that’s not happening, it’s […]


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