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Evening Classes – A Good Idea? A Guest Post….

It used to be that when a working adult, or a career-changer, wanted to further his or her education, there were only a few options. You could quit your job and go back to school full-time, or go to night school or Evening classes, which generally meant taking classes at the community college or through […]

10 Top Workplace Perks You Need to Look For

Most people have simple job searching criteria. They just want something—anything—in their field. Others create stipulations like “close enough to commute” or “pays more.” But if you’re using only these criteria, you could be missing out on some truly great opportunities. This top ten list of workplace perks from Company Folders reveals the amazing benefits you can […]

Tangible Incentives to Attract Top Employees

An EdAssist survey found that 66 percent of millennials would accept employer assistance with repaying student loans instead of regular pay raises. To help employers meet workers’ desire for loan assistance, Boston-based startup Gradafi has created a Student Loan Paydown Plan that companies can offer their employees. So far about 100 companies have signed up […]

Pension Plan Risk Management – it’s about marginal gains

Most of us were enthralled by the Olympics last summer.  It was a great event for the GB cycling team which won seven gold medals on the track while the rest of the world won just three.  They credited their success to close study of every area that could impact on performance – and looking […]


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