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How blogging can help you get a job

How Blogging can help your get a job Yes you read that correctly!  Blogging can help you to get a job. ‘What strange magic is this?’ you might ask…none at all, it’s just good sense. When most people think of good job searching techniques, there are a number of things that spring to mind; effective […]

Unemployment, Unemployment, Unemployment – Diary of an employable blogaholic

Unemployment, Unemployment, Unemployment – Diary of an employable blogaholic I write this diary blog in peaks and troughs, one a week and then none for a month (or two) and I expect much like unemployment figures, and UK employment stats, it’s only worth talking (and writing) about something, well, when there’s something to talk about. […]

Job Snobs, Graduates and Spin

There was an interesting article in the Independent last week that was titled “Graduates miss out on employment because they are job snobs” and it got me intrigued. I then read the article and I thought I could trump that spin-like headline title. It’s been a while (in fact a long while) since my last […]

Universal Jobmatch website – any good?

Universal Jobmatch website – any good?  The Diary of an employable blogaholic…  When TheEmployable heard that the Universal Jobmatch website would “revolutionise” the jobsearch for the unemployed we thought it was best to take a look and we were sorely disappointed… Revolutionary? Maybe 15 years ago…Here, we explain why… When Iain Duncan Smith announced the launch […]

How to work your ‘Work Life balance’ when Self Employed…Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

Work Life. What does that mean? It is fine preaching about making sure that you find employment that compliments your personal life, but the reality is, that many of us, are at least partly controlled by the jobs that we have. Whether you are employed, self-employed, or unemployed, it is tough, practicing in reality, a […]

How to be self employed – The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic…

How to be self employed? I have been in two minds how to address my new self employed situation in this blog. It is hard calling yourself ‘self employed’ if you are not initially making loads of hard cash! Your friends and family may naturally ask the question, “when are you going to start making […]

What do you do if you have Writers Block? Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

6am. Ahhhhhhhh. I have Writers Block. 6pm. Ahhhhhhhh. I have Writers Block. Every Bleedin Day.  I have ignored my Diary of an Employable Blogaholic for at least three weeks now because……because it pains me to say; Its a finger licking cliche – I have ‘Writers Block’… For someone who has never tired of writing, and in terms […]


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