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Why After Sales is as important as the Sale…Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

Why After Sales is as important as the Sale… The weekend just gone I was travelling home from Stansted airport, in Essex. Stansted is probably around 1 hour max away from the Olympic village and will be a very busy airport during the biggest sporting event to hit UK soils since the 1966 Football World […]

Diary of an unemployed Blogaholic – ‘Help Me Help you’

As I write this post it is the start of Social Media Week, a Global event that spans over 20 cities and around 1000 events… I will come back to this in a minute or so. I have now been ‘employable’ for around 7 months, and in that time myself and my ‘employable’ Co Founder […]

Diary of an Unemployed Blogaholic – Top Tips on a DIY Career…part 2

Starting a business in a recession is tough, but it is interesting how little you can spend to get your initial idea off the ground. So far TheEmployable has spent no more than £100 on our initial setup. Its amazing how must you can achieve and what you can do, without really any money… So […]

Diary of an Unemployed Blogaholic – Top Tips on the ‘Do It Yourself’ career…part 1

About three months ago we had contacted two graduates, Ross and Ed, who had decided that for a whole year they would cover their faces each day with a company logo and that companies would pay for the pleasure! BuyMyFace was born. Imagine going along to your Mum and Dad, after 3 years of University […]

Diary of an Unemployed Blogaholic – Robinson Crusoe was an Entrepreneur

Note to Editor. Okay, I know I am pushing it with this title. But it came to me in a moment of epiphany and once I had it in my head, that was that… (Don’t worry, I will go on to explain my analogy later in the post) Two days earlier… Driving down to Bizcamp […]

Diary of an Unemployed Blogaholic – flying at 30,000 feet…

I was on my way to Wales via Easyjet. Flying at 30,000 feet, with nothing to do but look out at the  clouds, helps you to daydream. Now I have been accused of having my head in the clouds anyway, but looking out at the sky at 30,000 feet, does help you to focus on […]

Diary of an Unemployed Blogaholic – Project ‘retire at 45’

TheEmployable is going well. So well, I think I might be able to retire at 45… But taking a step back and the reality is; as well as it is going, I still have to pay the mortgage, the bills and all the coffees that I love so much. So why do I remain so […]

Diary of an unemployed blogaholic – Love Mondays?

I tweeted this morning, “Monday again, never been busier!”  But how could this be? I no longer command a 9-5, I no longer have that feeling of dread on a Sunday evening, of the week ahead, I no longer need to rush out of the door at 08.08am, as 08.09am is too late… So what’s […]


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