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5 Careers that are on-the-up

Are you aware of all the career options that are open to you? We’d be prepared to wager that you’re not; you have probably never taken the time to look into many of them, imagining that the skills and experiences needed are not ones that you possess.   This is a great shame because the […]

Becoming a Chauffeur

Being a chauffeur can be a very rewarding career! Ideally, people who choose to pursue this career path truly enjoy driving and are sticklers for high-quality customer service delivery. Moreover, chauffeurs are required to be extremely discrete, polite, organised and above all professional. Thinking of pursuing this career? Here are some things to be taken […]

How to become a Train Driver

When speeding through the countryside, or a tunnel deep under ground it can be very easy to forget that at the front of the train is a person working hard to make sure that everyone gets to their destination on time (well most of the time at least).  You might imagine that it is quite […]

How to become a Theatre Director

How to become a Theatre Director Before all of ye seasoned theatre directors and board treaders protest “There is no sure-fire way to become a director”- we know this, but hopefully this little post should help point people in the right ‘direction’. What exactly does a Theatre Director do? Unfortunately there is no short answer […]

Ten Top Careers of the Next Decade

As you know we are not ones to make hasty predictions at TheEmployable; if the passage of time has taught us anything, it’s that to do so is seldom wise and can lead to irksome embarrassment later on. But the other day we stumbled across a document, which whilst speculatory in nature, we believe warrants […]

Career book “How to Search and Apply for Jobs”, hits the ‘shelves’…

Career book “How to Search and Apply for Jobs”, hits the ‘shelves’… 10 months ago, TheEmployable faced redundancy. A consultation was called. We knew, whilst the formalities had to be completed, that the writing was very much ‘on the wall’. However, with a career history in management, recruitment, sales and HR, and with a little […]

Careers in Education Offer the Greatest Impact

A limit or lack of education is one of the most significant predictors of poverty in the US. While about 6 percent of students in the middle class and above fail to graduate from high school, more than 22 percent of students living in poverty drop out before high school graduation. Worse, more than half […]

5 Career Options for Horse Lovers

Any keen equestrian would probably tell you that they would relish the opportunity to shape their love of everything equine into a career. Luckily, there are plenty of career options out there for those that want to spend all day in the stables – and beyond! Veterinarian Probably the most glaringly obvious selection on this […]

3 Simple Ways To Reduce Fatigue And Ease Pain When Giving A Massage

Massage therapy is hard work, and while your client is becoming increasingly relaxed, you may actually begin tensing up. Sometimes, however, your fatigue may not actually be due to the amount of physical effort you are exerting with your hands, arms, and shoulders or the number of hours you have been on your feet working […]

History’s 5 Greatest Bodyguards (excluding Kevin Costner)

Ever considered a career as a bodyguard? If so, this handy article on arguably history’s 5 greatest bodyguards (apart from Kevin Costner!) will surely help inspire you to muscle your way in to the industry. History’s 5 Greatest Bodyguards (excluding Kevin Costner) 1. Walter H. Thompson Walter H. Thomson travelled over 200,000 miles while protecting […]


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