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5 Career Options for Horse Lovers

Any keen equestrian would probably tell you that they would relish the opportunity to shape their love of everything equine into a career. Luckily, there are plenty of career options out there for those that want to spend all day in the stables – and beyond! Veterinarian Probably the most glaringly obvious selection on this […]

3 Simple Ways To Reduce Fatigue And Ease Pain When Giving A Massage

Massage therapy is hard work, and while your client is becoming increasingly relaxed, you may actually begin tensing up. Sometimes, however, your fatigue may not actually be due to the amount of physical effort you are exerting with your hands, arms, and shoulders or the number of hours you have been on your feet working […]

History’s 5 Greatest Bodyguards (excluding Kevin Costner)

Ever considered a career as a bodyguard? If so, this handy article on arguably history’s 5 greatest bodyguards (apart from Kevin Costner!) will surely help inspire you to muscle your way in to the industry. History’s 5 Greatest Bodyguards (excluding Kevin Costner) 1. Walter H. Thompson Walter H. Thomson travelled over 200,000 miles while protecting […]

Importance of Education & Careers Available for the Students

At present, everyone has started to give importance for education and it is also considered as the backbone of every individual’s life. Moreover, the Government is taking all possible steps to offer universal primary education but the parents are not interested to send their children to schools. People should know that education will train the […]

An Interview with careers network WYGU.com

I’ll be honest, I am slightly cynical about computer based psychometric and skills testing. After all, computer testing or screening does not get under the person’s skin and can’t respond to how they are feeling or the answers they decide to tick. However, and it’s a big however, I think relatively new business startup WYGU.com […]


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