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Self-Promotion Part 3: Introduce Yourself with Confidence – Guest Post Part 3 by Robin McKay Bell

Robin McKay Bell is a respected author and voice, on the subjects of Age and Employment. For the last two month’s Robin has been writing a series of blog posts, on the subject of coping with redundancy and the story you have to tell. Click here to read Robins other posts for TheEmployable.   Check put Self-Promotion Part […]

5 Ways to be more Confident at Interview

If you have a job interview on the horizon, it’s pretty normal and indeed natural to feel a little apprehensive or nervous. It’s important to remember though that it’s an achievement in itself to come this far and that you’ve already impressed the employer since they now want to meet you in person. Continuing to […]

Dressing confidently in your new job

Confidence is key around the workplace, and what you wear as your uniform can be a way to help you be as confident and successful as possible. One way to ensure you’ve got the perfect uniform choices ready to go at all times is to make use of workwear supplier such as Simon Jersey, who […]


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