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The One-Week Job Project

So you’re working as a Retail Manager, you have an accident and have to take a bit of time off. What do you do next? Go back to your old job once you’ve recovered? Well…that’s more than likely what most of us would do. However, it’s not at all what one Cornwall man decided to […]

Interested in self employment? Ideas wanted

Interested in self employment? **Ideas wanted** 4 months ago, our sister site, Startacus – the self start society launched. TheEmployable, always keen to highlight social impact initiatives, thought it was only fair (yes slightly opportunist too!) to let you know that the collaboration and ideas section to the site will launch in the next week […]

Startup of the Week – Pubslush

This weeks business startup… As the saying goes, there is “wisdom in the crowd”. A true statement indeed and one which has no doubt helped to contribute to the rise in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms which we have all seen over the last few years. What such platforms all have in common of course is […]

Interested in Enterprise? Find out more about the self start society

Interested in Enterprise? Startacus, the platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, self starters (call it what you like) was interviewed by Amaze Magazine recently, and the interview is now online to read! Anyone interested in enterprise, innovation, creativity, or just good old fashioned ‘thinking and doing’ can now take a look, to find out a little […]

Could this funding scheme help your creative project?

We like highlighting funding opportunities that help get creative projects going, and with a current closing date of 22nd June – there is still time to check this funding scheme out… Ideas Fund Innovators is a funding scheme open to all creative disciplines, run by IdeasTap, a creative platform that since late 2008 has awarded more […]

Startup of the Week – Fundable

This week’s business startup… For anybody starting a new business, money is one of the first things that has to be considered. And as we all know, getting that money from the more traditional sources, like banks is just not that easy any more. Would-be entrepreneurs find themselves exploring all sorts of avenues to finance […]

A startup call for action not just words…

Startacus, TheEmployable’s’ new platform for the self-starter may still be a while away from full launch, but the landing page, now live for over a month has been getting some really positive reviews from prospective Startacus members already, who love it just as much as we do! If you’re still a tad curious about what […]

Startup Of The Week – Lokofoto

When you think of a place that you love – a place where you once lived or a place where you had an amazing holiday, nothing evokes memories of that place like a photograph. And whilst for some of us, going through old holiday snaps or family photos might be enough, they still can’t really […]

Startup Of The Week – Tiny Lightbulbs

One of the best things to happen in the past couple of years has been the rise in the number of Crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding has empowered creatives the world over to realise their dreams and create tangible products. ( Check out our post on Crowdfunding here.) But what happens when the product is made? Where […]

Startup Of The Week – NotAnotherBill

With the exception of Christmas time and maybe our birthdays, I am sure most of us find that our local friendly postman only ever delivers junk mail, local takeaway menus and worse than that…the dreaded bills. Wouldn’t you love it though if you heard the familiar thud of the mail dropping in the letterbox and […]


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