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‘Free Bootcamps’ to offer SME’s help to work better online…

When The Employable heard that founding BBC Dragon and School for Startups founder Doug Richard was working with the Government on Free business bootcamps all over the UK, we thought this was a story TheEmployable would love to hear about…. Looking to inspire Britain’s small businesses to focus on growth and new job creation through […]

10 minutes with Entrepreneur Doug Richard; School for Startups Chief and “Ex Dragon”.

The phone rang. I answered………“Hello” (pretending I was sitting in my ‘pretend’ new office – not my Kitchen) A crisp Californian voice answered back; “Hi, its Doug Richard, how can I help?” I had 10 minutes. 5 questions – including one that Doug called a ‘red herring’. I wished that ten years ago, I had concentrated […]


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