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Angel Delight – A guide to top Angel investors

We all know who the Dragons Den Investors are don’t we? Willing to Invest their own money in exchange for business capital…. However from 1st time Entrepreneurs to seasoned startup and business professionals, you don’t need to appear on TV and deal with the lights and camera’s to get the action of some much needed business […]

“Give us your Pitch” A project that addresses ‘youth worklessness’ and an innovative hairdressing project…

“Give us your Pitch” is back! After a short break, we return to look at a couple more active crowdfunding projects. This week I wanted to highlight two projects that my fellow pioneers at Virgin Media Pioneers are currently pitching for, and I wish Rioch and Ben all the best with their projects and congratulate […]

10 minutes with Entrepreneur Doug Richard; School for Startups Chief and “Ex Dragon”.

The phone rang. I answered………“Hello” (pretending I was sitting in my ‘pretend’ new office – not my Kitchen) A crisp Californian voice answered back; “Hi, its Doug Richard, how can I help?” I had 10 minutes. 5 questions – including one that Doug called a ‘red herring’. I wished that ten years ago, I had concentrated […]


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