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Studying for an MBA – Things to Consider

A Masters of Business Administration qualification might not be a career maker or breaker, but it might just be what you need to make the next step in your career. Note that we say ‘next’. An MBA is not an entry-level qualification to be undertaken by those who have yet to build up any business […]

Mulling Over a Master’s Degree? What to Consider Before Proceeding

Mulling Over a Master’s Degree? What to Consider Before Proceeding For some people, getting a master’ degree is a necessary component of getting their desired job—it is an established requirement, and you can’t even get your foot in the door without it. No major decisions to be made there. But, for many people, getting this […]

Importance of Education & Careers Available for the Students

At present, everyone has started to give importance for education and it is also considered as the backbone of every individual’s life. Moreover, the Government is taking all possible steps to offer universal primary education but the parents are not interested to send their children to schools. People should know that education will train the […]

Startup of the Week – Coursera

Startup of the Week – Coursera Since it’s September and the school doors have once more re-opened after the summer break, we thought it quite timely to look at startups in the education and learning sector. Even though for many of us, our schooldays are long gone, it doesn’t have to mean that we stop learning […]


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