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A guide to choosing between personal and business finance for your SME

A guide to choosing between personal and business finance for your SME Taking a business idea out of the realm of whimsy and making it a practical outfit for the long term can require significant financial outlay, whether on your part or someone else’s. According to research conducted by American Express and the Centre for […]

How to use social media marketing to grow your business

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, working for a start up company or a long term business owner, you will have heard by now about the power of social media to boost visibility online. Social media is now such a huge aspect of everyday life, that it’s rare to find a person who doesn’t use at […]

The Super 8 – TheEmployable check out The Shell Young Entrepreneurs of the Year finalists…

And I can tell you….that this year’s winner…..in no particular order….is not…… Next Tuesday, the 8th November, 8 Super ideas will stand in front of a panel of respected judges to do their final pitch….The next  day, in front of a packed live audience, the winner will be announced. No, it’s not some new reality […]

Why Wait? Companies Founded by Those Still Studying

You might think that university is a time to study, meet new people, and enjoy the last remaining years before joining the busy working world. However, there are thousands of young, driven individuals who see this time as a launch pad to a successful entrepreneurial career. Granted, your time is limited by various obligations, but […]

Weighing up the idea of working for yourself

Weighing up the idea of working for yourself Many of those seemingly “stuck” in the 9-5 grind might also be the ones spending time at their desk wondering how they could possibly set up shop for themselves and work off of their own accord. For some of these people the idea might be exciting, but […]

Going from Unemployed to Freelancer and becoming Entrepreneur

“Going from Unemployed to Freelancer and becoming Entrepreneur” Kjetil Olsen is the vice-president of Elance Europe writes for TheEmployable on how to use online freelancer platforms like Elance if unemployed and looking for work.  “If you are in the unfortunate situation that the financial crisis have left you redundant in your company due to decreasing turnover, […]

5 Ways to start a business from home

Whether it’s as a result of family circumstances or personal choice, more and more of us these days are contemplating starting up our own businesses from home. With the jobs market the way it is, creating your own job and your own business can often be the best course of action. Of course, not every business […]

Startup of the Week – Camp in my Garden

Startup of the week – Camp in my Garden Whilst the concept of renting out spare rooms and properties to holidaymakers may be a  common one, renting out a garden certainly hasn’t been. Until now that is! This week’s Startup of the Week is set to change all that. Camp in my Garden is an […]

Startup of the Week – MentorMob

  These days when most of us are interested in learning a new skill, the first place we go to is generally the internet. Whether it’s to track down what courses are available or to access online guides or tutorials, it tends to be our first port of call. Getting the information that you need […]

Startup Of The Week – Timehop

Business Startup of the Week… If you have ever had a bit of a clearout and found an old diary or notebook, you’ll no doubt have spent a bit of time looking through your entries and reminiscing, laughing, cringing or perhaps even simply having a think about events now past which were at the time […]


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