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Could you be The UK’s next “Green Entrepreneur?” – If so, this is for you….

Got an idea for an innovative “Green” business? Well, the Berti Green Accelerator should be of interest to you. Each year the Berti Green Accelerator programme, which is supported by James Caan’s Hamilton Bradshaw Impact Partners (HBIP), will search for 3 successful low carbon businesses to award 6 months of business support from HBIP and […]

Housebites – How they are reinventing the takeaway….

We’ve all been there – not in the mood to cook and deciding that tonight it has to be takeaway. So we dig out the pizza menu , the local Indian or the Chinese menu – it very rarely gets more adventurous than that. Until now that is. Launched earlier this year, Housebites offers restaurant […]

The 99p Entrepreneur

Once upon a time, dropping out of university or college was frowned upon. The view was that if you stayed on, got a good degree, you would get a good job. However as thousands of graduates will currently attest to, this is not automatically the case any more. Many of the most successful businesses we […]

Weighing up the idea of working for yourself

Weighing up the idea of working for yourself Many of those seemingly “stuck” in the 9-5 grind might also be the ones spending time at their desk wondering how they could possibly set up shop for themselves and work off of their own accord. For some of these people the idea might be exciting, but […]

Startup of the Week – mmMule

Business Startup of the Week… We’ve all probably had one of those conversations. A friend or family member is off on their travels and they ask us if we would like them to bring us anything back. Whether it’s perfume from France or chocolate from Switzerland, we love getting our favourite things, don’t we? But to […]

A startup that gives support to study abroad..We talk to Lizzie Fane, of thirdyearabroad.com fame…

A startup that gives support to students to study abroad… When I first heard of thirdyearabroad.com, I had that feeling you get, when you know another good idea has gone. A now, obsolete eureka moment, where you think to yourself, why did I not think of that one!’. Third year abroad is student equivalent of mumsnet, a place […]

It’s Social Media Week – So what is it & whats it to you?

Today marks the 1st day of Social Media Week, a now Global event that will feature around 1000, mostly free events globally and in 20 different cities. Reflecting the global impact of social media– and its role as a catalyst in driving economic, cultural, political and social change– Social Media Week is one of the world’s […]

“From unemployed graduate to entrepreneur.” Guest Post from Paul Malone, Editor, Newry Times –

In the current economic climate, nobody knows more than graduates just how difficult it can be to get a job. But whilst the job prospects may be bleak, more and more graduates are realising that the time is right to actually create their own jobs by developing their entrepreneurial skills and ambitions. At TheEmployable we love […]

‘There’s wisdom in the Wool’ – TheEmployable talks to Katie Mowat, Founder of Knitwear Co. Grannies Inc.

Many of us have a dream of turning a hobby into a business. Katie Mowat, founder of Grannies Inc, has done just that by turning an interest in knitting  into a full-time business. However the real coup was not so much the quality knitwear products, or even the bespoke knitwear you can design, but the […]

Startup of The Week – Woobiz

Sometimes some of the best ideas for business come about when there is a merger or crossover of sorts – when an idea that works in one area is applied to something entirely unrelated. And in a way our Startup of The Week this week is doing just that. Woobiz is applying the technology used […]


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