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Places you can go to ‘learn’ Entrepreneurship…

The thing with setting up a business is that until you have ‘done it’ ‘been there’ the old cliches of ‘learning the hard way’ or ‘learning on the job’ probably will ring true. Even those of us from a Corporate background will struggle to cope with the multi tasking required, and it’s only adversity, passion […]

TheEmployable talks to ‘Reggae Reggae Sauce’ Co Founder – Levi Roots…

Levi Roots. Reggae Reggae Sauce. So good he named it twice…. The funny thing is that for many of you that have not even tried one of Levi’s Raggae Raggae products, you may have been accustomed to the song that accompanies the brand. By appearing on The Apprentice, Levi was able to use the strength […]

For Every Good idea, there are 10 bad…TheEmployable look at a few ideas that never quite made it!

For every good idea there’s 10 bad…. For every good invention you use, there’s 10 you will never see (or use) Over the last few months, many of the Entrepreneurs we have spoken to have echoed the same points; ‘that there is no harm in failing, because you learn from your mistakes, but work out […]

How one Graduate took a ‘sound idea’ from the bedroom to 6 million hits on YouTube…The Employable talks to Amman Ahmed..

Like many final year students, Amman Ahmed was positioning himself for a post graduation life of ‘corporate thinking’ and City living…..But something was not quite right. Even after Graduation, and after Amman had tried to leave his entrepreneurial thinking behind, he kept coming back to a dream he had, a code he had broken, that […]

Thinking about Starting Up in Ireland?

When President Obama visited Ireland earlier this year, he referred to the country as being “an entrepreneurial nation.” But he wasn’t the first US President to recognise the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset of the Irish people. The late JFK in fact quoted George Bernard Shaw in his speech to the nation: ““Other people see things […]

Stop Dreaming, Start Planning – TheEmployable interviews ‘Escape The City’ founder Rob Symington

“Do something different. “ A fairly simple yet extremely inspirational piece of advice. And one which has become the mantra for a certain online community which since its’ launch in 2009 has been on a mission – a mission to “help talented people escape from unfulfilling corporate jobs.” So to find out more about that […]

“Making music, with everyone” – The Employable talks Bandhack with entrepreneur Andrew Ferris

According to the late Steve Jobs, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” One person who truly proves this to be true is Northern Ireland based entrepreneur, Andrew Ferris , Co-Founder of independent record label Smalltown America. His genuine passion for music, innate entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking attitude […]

Got a Startup Idea? – Here are some Spaces and Places that will help….

So you have an idea for a startup and you’ve sounded it out amongst your nearest and dearest. But what you would really like is to sound it out amongst other people who have already created a startup , or are maybe at the same stage as you, wondering where to go next with their […]

The New Kid on the Bloc – the Graduate startup with music at its heart

Imagine starting a website after finishing University, and within a few months you have thousands of site visits a week, a team of 150 reporters across UK and Ireland, and the chance to meet and interview some of the most current Rock, Pop, Indie and Punk artists as they tour and gig… sounds tough hey […]

Tapping in to our conscience…TheEmployable talks to ‘GiveMeTap’ Founder Edwin Broni-Mensah

The day after speaking with Edwin Broni-Mensah, I was sitting in a local cafe talking about plans for TheEmployable. Two coffees later, I had decided that a bottle of water was next…..but then……guilt…. It’s ironic that even during a recession, I was about to buy something that in the Western & developed World is generally […]


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