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How to become an estate agent

Are you a highly motivated, target driven individual with a head for business and a passion for property?  If so, then becoming an estate agent could be the perfect career for you! It’s a popular job that almost everyone will come in contact with at some point in their life, but what exactly is an […]

5 Red Flags to Watch Out for in Prospective Tenants

Getting involved in real estate comes with its fair share of challenges, and those that rent out property are tasked with a variety of unique obstacles. One of the most important tasks assigned to landlords—both new and seasoned—is tenant screening. In a perfect world, landing the ideal tenant would be quick and easy. Reality isn’t […]

7 Professions to Consider Within the Property Industry

With upwards of five million homes being owned by housing organisations and local councils in the UK alone, there are an enormous number of jobs available within this exciting industry. In fact, the UK housing industry employs almost 250,000 people today. There are many reasons why this industry has become popular amongst professionals, with the […]


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