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How to Handle a Gap Year

Whether you haven’t achieved the exam results that you’d hoped for or you simply want a bit of a break before undertaking the next step on your career journey, taking a Gap Year can be the most logical thing to do. Of course, it’s always best if you can plan ahead so that you can […]

Why do graduates fall at the first hurdle? We asked a recruiter to highlight some of the reasons why…

Why do graduates fall at the first hurdle? We asked the Graduate Recruitment Bureau to highlight some of the common CV mistakes they find on Graduate CV’s, and the team came back to us with some handy tips via the very consultants who short list Graduate CV’s, in or out… “One detrimental mistake on your […]

Four Tips For Finding An Internship As A Student

Four Tips For Finding An Internship As A Student With a saturated jobs market and sky high numbers of new graduates, it can be tough for students to find a way into the industry of their choice. For an increasing number of students, an internship has become a sensible and productive option. Here, we take […]

Internships – the Advantages and Disadvantages

Internships – over the last twelve months, the word ‘internship’ seems to have gotten some mighty bad press…. It’s also not easy being a graduate right now. Even in the last week there have been three damning news reports that paint a not too bright future for the UK employment market in general and graduates […]

Graduate CVs, How to avoid being overqualified

I suppose its quite a nice problem to have ‘being overqualified’. Upon graduating mid the worst economic recession in decades, I had only one thing on my mind, one statement that burned in my brain and refused to quieten down until its demands be met “Get a Job, You must get a job”. It really […]

Graduate Employment on the Rise

Graduate Employment is on the rise again. For a while there it looked as though the value of having a  3rd level education was going to be undermined to the point of collapse;  but with blue skies once again on the horizon of the UK economy, the tables are perhaps beginning to turn once more. […]

Are you the UK’s Graduate of the Year for 2014?

Here at TheEmployable we are always keen to share news on employment related news. After all, this is an employability related blog don’t yer know. So when we heard of Adzuna’s competition to find the UK’s “Graduate of the Year” for 2014 we thought we better tell all. The comp, open to all graduates from […]

Tom Hickman: How To Escape The Graduate Death Spiral

Tom Hickman: How To Escape The Graduate Death Spiral Tom Hickman is an entrepreneur, lecturer, and consultant who’s latest endeavour is two social enterprises that help young people be more entrepreneurial in their approach to employment. His company, BridgeGlobal, helps young professionals find international work placements to provide them with a global skill set today’s […]

Job Snobs, Graduates and Spin

There was an interesting article in the Independent last week that was titled “Graduates miss out on employment because they are job snobs” and it got me intrigued. I then read the article and I thought I could trump that spin-like headline title. It’s been a while (in fact a long while) since my last […]

Gradulthood: An interview with Will-Hall Smith

What does an unemployed philosophy and psychology Graduate do to get a job? Well he only goes and creates his own sitcom. Following the recent release of his sitcom pilot, “Gradulthood”, TheEmployable had a chat with its writer, director and co-star Will Hall-Smith on the meta reality of putting together a pilot episode about looking […]


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