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5 Things That You Should Be Certain About Before You Start Your Own Manufacturing Business

Although you have likely worked within the manufacturing sector before you start your own business, you need to understand that there is likely to be a major difference between being an employee and becoming an employer. There is a laundry list of things you need to do and have knowledge of (or at least have […]

Considering a career in health and safety? Look here first

One of the most important vocations in the world is health and safety. There is an endless list of companies and establishments that effectively could not run without someone on hand to ensure the safe running of the building and the practices taking place within it. Whilst not one of the most glamorous jobs available, […]

Small Business Health & Safety: When Are You Liable?

That’s a bit of a scary sounding title but it is a very good question – as a small business owner, what are you responsible for when it comes to health and safety and what could you have to answer for if an accident does happen? Let’s get straight to the point; if you have […]

Accidents at Work: Daily Commute Named Risk for Employees

Health and safety in the workplace is perhaps better now than it has ever been. Even in environments of high risk, legislation like the 1974 Health and Safety in the Workplace Act has been protecting employees while at work. However, no matter how stringent the legislation, mistakes can still be made and accidents can still […]

What Employers Should be offering

By law, there are certain standards of health and safety that all businesses have to implement in the work place. These standards are set out in government guidelines, and include everything from ensuring the office space is big enough and light enough, to safe drinking water always being available and the right protective gear is […]


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