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Returning To Work After A Workplace Injury

Around 175,000 workplace injuries that occurred in 2016 and 2017 caused workers to stay at home for more than seven days. While the recuperation might be trying, the return to the office may be even more so. Employers may be concerned about the staff member’s road to recovery and also the effect it may have on […]

Careers in the Medical Industry

Working in the medical and healthcare industry can be a great way to help others in your community while earning a potentially impressive salary. Before you undertake training in the field, you may want to consider what role and, if applicable, specializations, most appeal to you, as well as the ways in which you can […]

Key Mental Health Fields Worth Getting Into

These days, the healthcare industry continues to boom as populations grow, and people get busier and more stressed and unhealthy. Indeed, when you check out the rankings put together by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the United States, the list tends to be filled with a variety of jobs […]

Statutory Workplace Health and Safety Training Employees Should Know

Responsible employers do not underestimate the importance of providing employees a comprehensive health and safety training.  Not only because a plethora of legislation obligates them, but also because good employers will never disregard the welfare of their workforce.  After all, they understand that safety training is the most efficient method to protect their most valuable […]

How to Combat Occupational Health and Safety Risks

For the safety of everyone in a work environment, health and safety risks in the workplace need to be effectively managed. This can be done either by eliminating the risks completely or reasonably minimising it when complete elimination is not possible.  Why is Managing Health and Safety Risks Important?  Effective management of workplace health and […]


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