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5 Advantages of working in a Co-Working space….

5 Advantages of working in a Co-Working space…. We had written previously about Co-Working spaces, the what, the why’s and the where’s, but having now actually worked in a Co-working space for the last 4 months or so, we thought it was about time to highlight the ‘advantages’ of said working in a little more […]

A Garage, a Sauna and some Uni Students? The Aalto Venture Garage – putting the cool into startup schools…

Real innovation happens when you are not trying to be innovative. Real creativity happens when you don’t just copy the last ‘big thing’, you become the ‘next big thing’. Perhaps a rather idealist view, but when the Students of Aaltoes in Finland took it in their own hands to create an environment where creativity and […]

Why you should Startup in a Business Incubator…

We’ve written in a previous post about Places and Spaces you can go to help transform that startup dream into a reality. ( Check it out here. ) One of those featured was the Business Incubator, which we are going to look at in a little more detail today. In essence, Business Incubators are specialist programmes […]


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