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Quirky businesses show conventional competitors how it’s done

To get ahead in business, it pays to be a little innovative. Trying to do things by the book can only get you so far, so when it comes to selling your product, having something unique that appeals to a niche market may be the key to success. Here, we profile five quirky US-based enterprises […]

Startup of the Week – The Borrowers

Let’s face it – in these pretty challenging economic times, most of us would be happy to avail of new and innovative ways to make a little more money. And if we’re able to do some social good at the same time as earning an income, well, it’s a win-win then isn’t it? Well, thanks […]

Startup of the Week – Hubbl

Startup of the Week – Hubbl If you’re one of the millions who now can’t bear to be apart from your smartphone, chances are you spend quite a bit of time using apps – whether it’s for your social media activities or to play the latest addictive game. The thing is though that finding the […]

Startup of the Week – Gift Owl

As most of us are only too aware, buying presents for birthdays, Christmas, whatever, can be a real chore at times. Trying to find something that bit different that the recipient will actually like gets harder and harder. Department stores and shopping centres of course are filled with all the “recommended ideal gifts”, but often […]

Innovation – UK and Ireland in the ‘World Innovative Top Ten’!

Innovation – UK and Ireland in the ‘World Innovative Top Ten’! Forgive me for one minute, while I take a deep breath. For I am not the best person to annouce this news, surely the UK and Irish political leaders should be doing this themselves? But type in Global Innovation Index 2012 into Google today […]

Startup of the Week – Fundable

This week’s business startup… For anybody starting a new business, money is one of the first things that has to be considered. And as we all know, getting that money from the more traditional sources, like banks is just not that easy any more. Would-be entrepreneurs find themselves exploring all sorts of avenues to finance […]

Hireland, the Irish jobs initiative wins Arthur Guinness award..

Hireland, the Irish jobs initiative wins Arthur Guinness award…. Back in February, TheEmployable highlighted an Irish initiative, Hireland, that was making big waves into targeting job creation, and helping to kickstart the Irish job market, that has been pretty dormant for the last few years. Since its launch just four months ago, the Hireland initiative […]

Startacus makes the Marketest Business Start-Up Competition shortlist!

TheEmployable’s platform for the self starter – Startacus has made the shortlist for this year’s Marketest Business Start-up Competition!!! The ten shortlisted finalists, including our very own platform, are now in the running for the grand prize of £1000 Tailored Market Research, which will help take their business or idea to the next level. The […]

Connect Ireland….The Irish initiative looking to use the power of the Diaspora…

Connect Ireland….The Irish initiative looking to use the power of the Diaspora… Just two days ago, the Irish Sun newspaper reported that currently an average, 200 people emigrate from Ireland every day!  “More than 40,000 emigrated last year — a figure not seen since the Great Famine in the 1840s”…. the report then goes on […]

A startup that gives support to study abroad..We talk to Lizzie Fane, of thirdyearabroad.com fame…

A startup that gives support to students to study abroad… When I first heard of thirdyearabroad.com, I had that feeling you get, when you know another good idea has gone. A now, obsolete eureka moment, where you think to yourself, why did I not think of that one!’. Third year abroad is student equivalent of mumsnet, a place […]


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