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Top Tips for Panel Interviews

TheEmployable’s Top Tips for Panel Interviews… For many of us, hearing that we are facing a panel interview can immediately fill us with fear, dread and trepidation. For some reason, facing a group of people is so much more daunting than facing one interviewer on their own. However, like all interviews, with the right preparation […]

Questions you could ask when on interview

When imagining an interview situation it is typical to picture ourselves alone on one side of a desk, being bombarded by a seemingly unending barrage of questions intended to root out our weaknesses and prove our lack of suitability for the role. Of course the reality is rarely quite as bad as that, but the […]

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions – a review

“Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” by Martin John Yate A “few” years ago now, I was a graduate – keen to embark on a professional career and get my first step on the ladder. I was doing the usual, applying for jobs, sending out CVs, filling in forms, hoping for that interview where I […]


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