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Adapting to the Information Age to increase your job chances…

We can probably all agree that computers pretty much rule the world. They are involved in one aspect or another with our day-to-day lives and can be vital when it comes to the workplace. Because of this, being proficient on a PC or Mac has become increasingly imperative if you wish to succeed in this […]

The new breed of IT jobs

With the IT industry branching out ever since the day it was integrated into the world, the need to push beyond mere technical roles has cascaded into a flurry of different occupations which include IT business analyst jobs and biostatistics jobs. It is these kinds of roles that are being highlighted within the new generation […]

Working your way into the IT industry – A guest post

Working your way into the IT industry… In this world of double-dip recessions and general tough going, it’s always going to be nice to know you’re in a safe industry, one where you can feel secure and the IT industry is one example of this. Almost every business needs some element of computer support and […]

Finance and IT: Merging skillsets

The IT sector spans over so many industries, aiding numerous businesses run efficiently, create new ideas and push forward in this technology age. It can surprise some how well regarded IT workers are and the wages they can potentially earn, but it is a sector where you need to be highly skilled and versatile in […]


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