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5 places to go if you become unemployed

We previously highlighted some of our top UK Recruitment Websites and of course visiting a Recruitment Website if you become unemployed and looking for work is one definite avenue to explore. But where else can you go, turn or look if you suddenly find yourself unemployed and are looking for a job? Here we highlight […]

Top Tips to get the most out of the Job Centre

The Job Centre… For many proactive job seekers these words don’t fall very nicely off the tongue. Firstly there is a certain stigma attached to being unemployed and the stereotype of the ‘sign-on-here’ culture. Secondly, once you have the pleasure (or otherwise) of having to sign on, it is often demoralizing to not only have […]

Universal Jobmatch website – any good?

Universal Jobmatch website – any good?  The Diary of an employable blogaholic…  When TheEmployable heard that the Universal Jobmatch website would “revolutionise” the jobsearch for the unemployed we thought it was best to take a look and we were sorely disappointed… Revolutionary? Maybe 15 years ago…Here, we explain why… When Iain Duncan Smith announced the launch […]

UK Unemployment figures – What David Cameron’s next speech should be

UK Unemployment figures – What David Cameron’s next speech should be – The Diary of an employable blogaholic Last week UK unemployment dropped 50,000 and in a instant it was also announced that the economy was growing and we were out of a double dip recession. Good news yes, but this is a time when […]

Why Career Advice can suck (the life out of you)…..The Diary of an Employable Blogaholic

When TheEmployable set out on this wonderful journey from redundancy, unemployment, to self-starting (slightly self-confessed) employability experts, we did not fully appreciate the lack of real career advice that was available… When I mean career advice, I mean the truth.. We have worked in the recruitment sector for a combined 14 years & to a […]

Job Centre Reality – Diary of a unemployed Blogaholic

Job Centre Reality – Diary of a unemployed Blogaholic Part 3…. I don’t want to start on a negative as this Diary is supposed to be positive and uplifting…..however…So far I have scored my bi-weekly experience at the Job Centre as (puts on football scores voice) No Customer Service Utd 5 – 2  We Care […]


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