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Hireland, the Irish jobs initiative wins Arthur Guinness award..

Hireland, the Irish jobs initiative wins Arthur Guinness award…. Back in February, TheEmployable highlighted an Irish initiative, Hireland, that was making big waves into targeting job creation, and helping to kickstart the Irish job market, that has been pretty dormant for the last few years. Since its launch just four months ago, the Hireland initiative […]

‘Free Bootcamps’ to offer SME’s help to work better online…

When The Employable heard that founding BBC Dragon and School for Startups founder Doug Richard was working with the Government on Free business bootcamps all over the UK, we thought this was a story TheEmployable would love to hear about…. Looking to inspire Britain’s small businesses to focus on growth and new job creation through […]

Drawing the Political Line – Daybreak decides to go political..

Adrian Chiles and Kate Garraway’s interviewing yesterday of the Chancellor George Osbourne, on ITV’s Daybreak, reeked of political point scoring. Throwing in comments about “Tory Cabinet Ministers not knowing and understanding about real fear about putting food on the table’ and how much a pint of milk costs, appeared irrelevant. I don’t think most people […]


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