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Breaking the Monotony of the Job Search: 3 Suggestions to Reinvigorate the Hunt

The hunt for a new job can be soul-crushingly boring, especially when you are constantly getting rejected left and right. Added to this dull activity is the fact that you’re probably going about the job search in the typical manner as you probably did when you first entered the work force. It’s time to change […]

Jobseeking Mistakes You Should Avoid

Jobseeking mistakes you should avoid. Looking for a job is never an easy task, even at the best of times. Admittedly, there are plenty of things out of your control – the economy, who is and who isn’t recruiting, how many people are applying for the same job as you – the list goes on…. The […]

How to stay productive in the drudge of a job hunt

That’s it – you’ve hit the funk. You feel like you’ve searched a billion job sites, you’re not certain what positions you’ve even applied for anymore and a mid-afternoon telly session is beginning to look pretty appealing. However, you’re not in this boat alone, with the BBC News reporting that there are more than 2.5milllion […]

Top CV Mistakes You Should Avoid….

Top CV mistakes You should avoid… You can spend hours, days even creating what you feel is the perfect CV and then you send it off in the hope that your CV is going to stand out amongst all the other applications that the employer or recruiter receives. And perhaps it will stand out – […]

Worst things that Jobseekers can assume

Any jobseeker, whether they recognise it or not, carries with them certain assumptions about their career prospects and opportunities. And, recognising the signs of when you are perhaps assuming too much, can be very difficult to spot for someone who is in the midst of jobseeking. As anyone who has ever worked in recruitment will […]


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