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How to stay productive in the drudge of a job hunt

That’s it – you’ve hit the funk. You feel like you’ve searched a billion job sites, you’re not certain what positions you’ve even applied for anymore and a mid-afternoon telly session is beginning to look pretty appealing. However, you’re not in this boat alone, with the BBC News reporting that there are more than 2.5milllion […]

Getting the most out of a recruitment agency as a job seeker

Dear Job-seeker,  Getting the most from the recruitment agency you decide to use is often not a simple process. With the market place saturated with good candidates, and not too many jobs, please find below our ‘insiders guide’ to getting the most out of your recruitment agency experience! Please report back, any conflicting stories you have […]

Top Tips for applicants to read job specs successfully…

Top Tips for applicants to read job specs successfully..An ‘Insiders’ Guide…. This is a real bug bearer of mine!! Picture the scene;  Man – aged 52, complains on the radio that he has made 124 job applications (he has all the applications that he made) and that he has not been shortlisted for interview. The […]

Do degrees increase your chance of employment?

In the current economy, recruitment figures are not always as promising as we’d like. In fact, there are many industries which have noted a significant decline in job opportunities since the onset of the financial recession in 2008 and for some areas unemployment figures are undoubtedly high. For those studying at university level, the prospect […]

50% of Britons turn to social networks to find work

50% of Britons turn to social networks to find work A new survey from social job search engine Adzuna.co.uk reveals that more than half of UK jobseekers are now using social networks as part of the job hunting process. With 2.5 million out of work and youth unemployment at a record high, Britons are turning […]

Is Adzuna.co.uk the UK’s ‘one-stop-shop’ for online job searching? TheEmployable spoke to the Founders to find out….

If you are going to set up an online job search engine that brings all the main jobs site ads into one place, you need experience. Thankfully for adzuna.co.uk, both Doug Monro and Andrew Hunter have a strong pedigree in helping to build successful online businesses. Doug, previously head of Strategy at Ebay, and key to […]

Extreme Job Hunting!

Extreme Job Hunting! I should say so… The ever increasing demand for jobs has led some people to go further than ever before in their quest for employment. Thinking up unconventional ways to secure that elusive job may be viewed by some as a risky option, but plenty will argue that desperate times call for […]

Learning to Leap: A Guide to being more employable

  TheEmployable book review Learning to Leap. A guide to being more employable – David Shindler Let me start with saying, I am not a massive fan of business terminology or acronyms and this book does use a few! However, my ‘anti acronym’ stance aside, this is a very practical and worthwhile guide to improving […]


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