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Lesser known Interview Tips

‘Sit up straight’, ‘Dress to impress’ and ‘Be confident’ are all great pieces of advice for a job interview, but let’s face it, they don’t exactly break the mould for originality. Of course it is very important that you follow all of the usual advice, but to maximise your chances of success, it helps to […]

21 Top Tips for Presenting Yourself Well in a Job Interview

The only thing scarier than a job interview is walking into a job interview unprepared. Yet this is exactly what many candidates do. Sometimes, nervous interviewees don’t prepare because they’re trying not to think about the upcoming meeting. Super confident candidates skip prep time because they’re relying on their charm—without considering that another applicant may […]

Get more interviews – some basic tips

It’d be fair to say that a common complaint amongst many jobseekers is that they apply for lots of jobs but don’t get many interviews. Whilst this of course can be attributed in part to the challenging jobs market, there are still certain things that jobseekers can do in order to increase their chances of […]

4 positive ways to handle interview rejection

Lots of jobs applied for – tick. Lots of rejections – tick. Finally an email received and job interview arranged – tick. Then, post job interview, the ‘reality bites’ phone call to say that you have been unsuccessful in getting ‘that job’. So if this rings a bell and you are struggling to take any […]

5 Ways To Handle Internal Job Interviews

Whether you’re interested in moving to a different role within the company or are hoping to get a promotion, there can be no denying that interviewing for a job within the company where you already work is not always that easy. Sometimes it can be much less daunting to be interviewed by strangers rather than […]

Top Tips for Preparing for an Interview

So you got an interview – well done! But the hard work isn’t over yet. Make sure you’re prepared with these tips to give you a good chance of getting that job. Know your CV It may sound like a no-brainer, but you need to know exactly what is on your CV, so that when […]


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