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How to turn down a job offer…TheEmployable’s top tips

How to turn down a job offer… In this current climate, where jobs are hard to come by, and job offers even harder, it might be difficult to accept that some people decide to actually turn down a job offer. However as hard as this may seem, turning down a job offer properly is an […]

How to deal with Multiple Job Offers

It’s admittedly not a problem that every jobseeker has to face, however it’s still one which merits quite a bit of thought in order to determine the right outcome. What ‘problem’ are we referring to, you may ask – it’s that old chestnut – the multiple job offer. So what should you do if you get […]

What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer Well done! You’ve been offered a job! Whether you’ve been looking for a job for a while or it’s simply the first job you’ve applied for, there’s a real sense of achievement in being deemed the ‘successful’ candidate and being offered the job. It’d be of course […]

How to Handle Multiple Job Offers

Let’s face it. After all that hard work creating the perfect CV and preparing for interview, it’s a pretty good feeling when the end result is you being offered the job. It’s the goal you had in mind the whole way through after all. However, what happens if you get another job offer, or better […]

8 Tips For Turning Your Internship Into A Full Time Job Offer

Kick-starting your dream career in today’s job market can be tough. It’s a highly competitive world out there, and it’s becoming more difficult with each passing day for job-seekers and recent graduates to get their foot in the door of their dream career. That’s where internships come in. An internship offers the perfect opportunity to […]

How to reject a job offer

It’s a particularly nice problem to have – rejecting a job offer because you have been given another that you would prefer. But, like most things in life, even this most joyous of situations creates a few problems. The biggest of which is, how do you inform the other employer that you are going to […]

5 Ways to Negotiate a Better Job Offer

It may still be a pretty challenging jobs market, but that doesn’t mean that if you are offered a job, that you ought to simply say yes without weighing things up first. After all, if you have impressed an employer at interview and they want to offer you a job, they obviously think that you […]

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions – a review

“Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions.” by Martin John Yate A “few” years ago now, I was a graduate – keen to embark on a professional career and get my first step on the ladder. I was doing the usual, applying for jobs, sending out CVs, filling in forms, hoping for that interview where I […]


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