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The most sought after jobs in TV and film production…

The most sought after jobs in TV and film production – A guest Post… Because jobs in the TV and film industries are usually well paid and very enjoyable, they are highly sought after and there is a great deal of competition for most of the jobs on offer. People also tend to stay in […]

2015 Graduates Have 16% more jobs to choose from

2015 graduates have 16% more jobs to choose from According to the latest UK Job Market Report from Adzuna.co.uk the Class of 2015 graduates have 16% more jobs to choose from in comparison to the Class of 2014 graduates. Overall May 2015 figures saw 1,058,425 available advertised positions, 2.4% above the 1,033,435 positions recorded in […]

Grim and Ghastly Jobs for Halloween

Grim and Ghastly Jobs for Halloween  With Halloween looming, we here at TheEmployable thought it perfect a time to talk about some of the more ghoulish and scary jobs, that you’ll see cropping up around this time of year. Who knows, you may even be able to turn you hand to some and make a […]

Other Job options for Graduates

Other Job options for Graduates… Last week, I returned with my Diary of an Employable Blogaholic post and discussed in a convoluted way the issue of poor career advice being given to students and graduates pre and post graduation. But if a full paid position is not as freely available in the current job market […]

Ask a Recruitment Specialist – Sarah Diamond

Sarah Diamond has worked within the recruitment industry for over 10 years now, and has recently branched out on her own to establish Diamond Recruitment. We’ve invited her to our ‘ask a recruitment specialist’ panel and asked five job seekers to pose the questions they would like to know the answer to. Question 1 Are […]

The Business of Specialist Recruitment Agencies

Attracting the Best Talent Having a successful business, for the multitudes of individuals who not only have the necessary skill-set, but are networked to acquire the perfect employment, is a special business technique. Simple things like advertising to attract some of the best talent for any industry to fill job quotas are taking companies to […]

UK locations and their best industries for jobs

In your latter years of education, you will certainly have a good idea of where you want to be in terms of your career type, but not necessarily a specific location. As a result, many graduates find themselves leaving their native towns and cities in hunt of where the best places are for the industry […]

50% of Britons turn to social networks to find work

50% of Britons turn to social networks to find work A new survey from social job search engine Adzuna.co.uk reveals that more than half of UK jobseekers are now using social networks as part of the job hunting process. With 2.5 million out of work and youth unemployment at a record high, Britons are turning […]

Pensions and Insurance: Narrowing down finance jobs

Those of an analytical mind might be edging towards a career in finance, but are finding it ever so difficult to be able to narrow down to a particular area of the sector. Those in such a situation cannot really be blamed for such indecision, as there are plenty of directions they could focus on. […]

Happy to Relocate, start a business and be on TV?

Back in January, we ran a feature on True North Productions, a successful UK TV Production company, were looking for ‘Families’ who fancied changing their lives and escaping the rat-race or people who are looking to start a businesses… Now after a succuessful pilot thier now named show “Compare Your Life” (a little cheesey perhaps) […]


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