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Looking for a Job? – TheEmployable’s Top Tips for Choosing a Jobs Board

For the past number of years, as we are all aware, many employers and recruitment agencies alike have tended to advertise their vacancies on one or more of the many online jobs boards that exist. Although there has been a lot of press recently on the decline of the Jobs Board, it is not going […]

TheEmployable’s Top Tips for Telephone Interviews

The increasing numbers of job applicants for every position advertised means that there has been a distinct rise in the number of companies who are doing Telephone Interviews as part of their initial recruitment and selection process. It is becoming the most cost effective and economic way for many companies to do their initial candidate […]

Not getting to interview stage? TheEmployable’s Top Tips to change that…

Not getting to interview stage? TheEmployable’s Top Tips to change that… In the last few years in particular, when working in commercial recruitment, we often spoke to candidates who said: “ I’ve applied for loads of jobs and haven’t even had one interview.” They told stories of sending off sometimes hundreds of CVs and application […]

How to Organise Your Job Search – The Employable’s Basic Top Tips…

Looking for a job is both a time consuming and often frustrating exercise. From hours spent trawling online jobs boards, to time spent sending off CVs and completing application forms and then perhaps never even getting as much as an acknowledgement in response from the agency or employer. And the longer you look for a […]

Top Tips for Completing Application Forms

Applying for a job doesn’t always mean sending off a CV. There are increasing numbers of employers who are using the application form as their preferred means of recruitment and selection. Whilst for some employers that may mean the traditional paper application form, but for others it may consist of an application form completed and submitted […]

Jokes and Joking about Jobs, Job-Seeking and unemployment

Regular readers will no doubt be aware that we’ve recently been trying to add a little light humour to the whole business of JobSeeking, Employment, and even Unemployment. With articles such as ‘Movies to get you motivated before a Job Interview’ Songs for the Self Employed and our ‘Job-seeking Soundtrack, we hope you agree that […]

Jobseeking Soundtrack – ‘Now that’s what I call Jobseeking’

What can we say – sometimes jobseeking can be a mind numbing and depressive pastime. To hopefully lighten the mood a little and to also keep you on ‘track’ we’ve created our very own jobseeking soundtrack – songs that might keep you going when clicking ‘search and apply’. ‘Sounds’ like fun? Read over our playlist […]


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