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Improve your Employability – Learn a Language

Improve your Employability – Learn a Language!! In the global marketplace in which we live, the ability to speak another language is a skill which can certainly go some way towards improving your employability. In fact, when working in recruitment, we often found that sourcing candidates with proven abilities in a second language was one […]

International business is more than just language

International business is more than just language As any good business person will tell you, success or failure often hinges on a company’s ability to understand its audience. Vital to this understanding is the ability to communicate. Whether you’re trading at home or abroad, if you can’t express your business offering using appropriate language, you […]

Startup of The Week – Lingibli

Most of us will have started 2012 full of ideas and New Year’s Resolutions. And two weeks in to the New Year, we have probably either forgotten about them or maybe are well on our way to ensuring we fulfil them. If one of the things you wanted to do this year was to learn […]


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