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The Apprentice Week 3 – A View From The Cheese Shop

I could begin this with ‘It was a “saucy” episode, this week’; but no doubt the Daily Mail already nabbed that one. (Did they? I tend not to read tripe. They probably did though, with a picture of Karren smiling at Nick, or something.) But I won’t start it like that. 3 weeks in and I […]

The Apprentice Review Week 2 – A View from the Cheese Shop

‘The first rule of business… don’t talk about business’. You’ll be glad to know that that isn’t in fact the first rule of business. Generally, it’s ‘don’t do something rubbish.’ It’s the cornerstone of any company; and the rules haven’t changed for our now 15 candidates in the running for the grand prize of an […]

The Apprentice Week 1 – A View From the Cheese Shop

It’d be difficult to translate the music to written format to introduce this piece; difficult however unnecessary, as we all know it to be Sergei Prokofiev’ ‘Dance of the Knights’. Or much more widely recognised as ‘The Apprentice “DUM DA DA DA” music. And so it begins… Again. At the start, of course, we’re reminded […]

Top 5 Clichés about redundancy

During the recent BBC series The Apprentice, one of the contestants, namely Jim Eastwood aka “Jedi Jim” became notorious for amongst other things, his inability to say a single sentence without it containing a cliché. When challenged by Lord Sugar’s erstwhile advisor, Margaret Mountford to describe himself without using a cliché, Jim replied “I am […]


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