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The Not-Quite-Working Girl – Seven months and counting…

Jenna is our newest Guest Writer, and will be writing a series of diary themed posts from the perspective of a recent Graduate facing the challenges and potential opportunities of the current job market. We look forward to reading Jenna’s posts and I hope you do too…. The Not-Quite-Working Girl – Seven months and counting… […]

“don’t take into count where you are from, but where you want to be” Guest Blogger Simondo Robinson, talks Youth Unemployment

Simondo Robinson, Creative Director of GigsandFestivals talks Youth Unemployment, expectations and what we can all do… The number of young adults out of work has reached an all-time record high with 21.3 per cent now unemployed that’s’ a rise of 74,000 over the last quarter. This means that nearly one million young people* are out of […]

The Not-Quite-Working-Girl….(what the future holds)

Jenna Birk, NEET statistic, started writing a guest blog for TheEmployable, last month. After 7 months of ‘unemployment’ Jenna was determined to keep thinking positively & had explored loads of options on how she could change her employment status…So we are happy to report that Jenna, has some exciting news to share with us all…. […]

“Business” – Do you have a corporate social responsibility policy on combatting Youth Unemployment?

When we first thought of TheEmployable, we were in the midst of redundancy from our jobs in (ironically) recruitment. At the time, like most people, who probably go through redundancy (that isn’t voluntary) there are certain parts of the process that you wish were handled more smoothly and with a slightly more personable approach. One […]

Job Snobs, Graduates and Spin

There was an interesting article in the Independent last week that was titled “Graduates miss out on employment because they are job snobs” and it got me intrigued. I then read the article and I thought I could trump that spin-like headline title. It’s been a while (in fact a long while) since my last […]

Unemployment – the silent killer of the middle aged

Unemployment: the silent killer of the middle aged. The Diary of the Employable Blogaholic returns! About 4 years ago, when I still loved and worked in high street recruitment, I began to noticed a marked increase in candidates who had either been made redundant or feared it was on the cards. You began to feel an […]

The Benetton Unemployee of the Year

The Benetton Unemployee of the Year… Whilst this campaign may not seem as controversial as some of Benetton’s previous advertising campaigns, we at TheEmployable reckon Benetton may have struck a timely chord with their latest media campaign – The Unemployee of the Year. The scheme, created as part of the activities of the UNHATE foundation, […]

Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it Front Page

  Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it on the Front Page….When TheEmployable heard that Channel 4’s Battlefront was back this year, we hoped to hear that Youth Unemployed was one of the projects they again championed. Last year the Ready 4 Work campaign worked wonders at highlighting Youth Unemployment. So imagine our delight, when […]

A startup call for action not just words…

Startacus, TheEmployable’s’ new platform for the self-starter may still be a while away from full launch, but the landing page, now live for over a month has been getting some really positive reviews from prospective Startacus members already, who love it just as much as we do! If you’re still a tad curious about what […]

Battlefront is back – fighting against Youth Unemployment! Read here for job opportunites…

When TheEmployable blog set up last year we had many keen supporters. No more so than the Battlefront team that headed up the Ready4Work project, who happily spread TheEmployable word whenever they could…So its was really great to hear that Battlefront is back for 2012, and this year their fight against Youth Unemployment is back, […]


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