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A brighter future – how you can help change things…

Contrary to what most of the media would have us believe, it’s not all gloom and doom out there. It’s very easy to moan and whinge and complain and rant , but it doesn’t really change anything does it? It doesn’t get you anywhere. So, in a bid to create a bit more positivity, we […]

Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it Front Page

  Youth Unemployment – Battling to keep it on the Front Page….When TheEmployable heard that Channel 4’s Battlefront was back this year, we hoped to hear that Youth Unemployed was one of the projects they again championed. Last year the Ready 4 Work campaign worked wonders at highlighting Youth Unemployment. So imagine our delight, when […]

Walk 4 Work…Guest Blogger Ruth Johnston talks up the Battlefront

TheEmployable has asked serial youth blogger Ruth Johnston to give us the rundown on the ‘Ready 4 Work’ campaign that is currently running under Channel 4’s online and television project, Battlefront. The campaign seeks to give a voice to NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 18-25 and on Monday she took part in T4 […]


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