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Drawing the Political Line – Daybreak decides to go political..

Adrian Chiles and Kate Garraway’s interviewing yesterday of the Chancellor George Osbourne, on ITV’s Daybreak, reeked of political point scoring. Throwing in comments about “Tory Cabinet Ministers not knowing and understanding about real fear about putting food on the table’ and how much a pint of milk costs, appeared irrelevant. I don’t think most people […]

Alastair Darling … memoirs

Memories are a funny thing. Or should I say memoirs. Back at the Labour conference in 2008, Alistair Darling said on the economic situation and pending crisis; “One thing I am certain about is that we have the right prime minister, the right team and the right policies.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7628545.stm How his memories now seem hazy. Is it […]


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