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3 fantastic offices to take design inspiration from

Smarter companies concluded long ago that an inspiring office environment is critical to the success of the business. These pioneers know that if they create only a hum-drum battery farm where staff toil away their days in grey cubicles, they are unmotivated, unproductive and stressed. Smarter companies already know that the office needs to be […]

Always prepared: How to save money on office supplies

Keeping the costs down in the office can feel like a tough task – as you probably don’t realise how many office supplies you actually use every day. Invoices, memos, meeting notes, agendas – your office can’t function without stationary. It’s a necessity, but that doesn’t mean restocking has to be expensive. The supply market […]

Is your building really fit for business? Custom constructions to improve your workplace

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to getting the right premises for your business. You need somewhere that is affordable, comes with all the right amenities and is in the best location – whether that be to capture footfall of passing customers, to connect to transport links or to tap into a skilled […]

The office can’t uncovered

Most work places have at least one. You know – that person who you ask for help, but ends up being a hindrance? Somebody who seems to get a kick out of saying ‘no’, and just loves to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Yes, the ‘office can’t’ is a recognised pest that we […]


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