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Tips for finding Part Time Work

It’s been reported recently that there’s been a significant rise in the number of part time jobs which are available. Experts claim that it’s a positive sign for the economy – that employers are testing the water as it were, with part time jobs before they will commit to creating full time vacancies. That may […]

Working from Home – the advantages and disadvantages…

Working From Home… Some things sound better on paper than in reality. I used to love the idea of a job, where travelling was part of the job description. The romantic idea of flying to regional meetings by plane, or travelling by train (1st class of course) is in reality replaced by…..well just a lot […]

From small beginnings come great things…Feeding your hunger (aka TheEmployable talks CupCakes)

Part time working (on top of a full time job) can be really tough going, but is a reality for many people. There can be a multitude of reasons for have an extra job; needing to supplement the household income, wanting to gain work experience for a future career, the love of work full stop, and the […]


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